Saturday, May 28, 2011

Movie Review: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

not our picture
Synopsis: This movie was pretty good. It's about a sorcerer named Balthazar who used to work for Merlin. When Merlin was killed by Morgana Le Fay with the help of Balthazar's friend, Morgath, the other friend, Veronica, sacrificed herself to save B. She did that by way of somehow trapping Morgana inside of her. While Merlin was dying, he told B that he needed to find the Prime Merlinian, because B captured Morgana/Veronica (his love interest) in a nesting doll thing along with Morgath.

B lives for a long time trying to find the Prime Merlinian but can't find one. He will know who it is when the dragon ring attached to the persons finger. Then 9-year-old Dave Stutle comes into B's shop by accident because he dropped a note that asked a girl if she wanted to be his girlfriend or friend. After B put the ring on Dave, he goes to get something, and tells Dave not to touch anything. Dave does and releases Morgath. The nesting doll has been building up of the past whatever-thousand years and it has all the sorcerers that were Morgana Followers.

Dave runs out of the shop and ten years pass. Then he meets with B again and has to become a sorcerer's apprentice to destroy Morgana.

Good things: Dave really cares about the girl that he loves, his long time crush, Becky. He's really sweet to her and she's really sweet to him. One time when he messes up the date she tells him that she's not going to hate him after one messed up date. Dave has a kind of goofy optimistic air and B doesn't, so I think they both learn from each other. 

Bad things: There is more occult/witchcraft stuff in this movie than in all the Harry Potter books combined. It's freaky at sometimes. They portray the harmful, evil magic as bad, but it's still a little over the top for a Disney movie. I think there's one scene where Dave's roommate is alone with a girl in his apartment in a date filled with candles and flowers. But there's nothing shown that would be a yellow flag.

Things you should watch out for: When Merlin dies, it's a little bit creepy and the part when Morgana comes out of the nesting doll is pretty evil looking. Dave says something about Becky saying something that's "really sexy.".

I would rate this 4/5 stars

I think it's for ages 9 and up

I think that it's a good movie, but it won't matter too much if you miss it. It's not a good sister movie though, unless you're into guys with dry humor and the occasional blond girl. :) I would say skip it for a girl sleepover, but it's as fun family movie.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hi, remember us?

Hello girls,
Sorry we've been kind of MIA lately. We're finishing up school and classes and getting everything in order for summer. We'll try to post more often after it's really summer and we got more time on our hands :).

But, so this post isn't completely boring, we're providing you with a glimpse into what posts we're going to be doing:

  • Song of the month
  • Sister Recipes
  • Book/movie reviews
  • Fun sister activities
  • Sister interviews (we hope)
  • Sister games
  • Sister stories about us
  • Typecasts
So that's all for now, we'll be posting back hopefully over the weekend. Or sooner. Maybe....

Monday, May 9, 2011

Book Review: The Penderwicks

Now, I know that one of you has already read the Penderwicks, but just in case there are any blog spy-ers or book review lookers, we are still writing a review.

Now this book:
Not our picture
Is about four sisters (Rosalind, 12, Skye, 11, Jane, 10 and Batty, 4) who don't have a mother and, for summer vacation, go to a mansion called Arundel and meet a very nice boy with a very annoying mother. Because this book is about sisters and these sort of stories always go like this, the four girls have a lot of fun and many adventures. But we aren't here to tell you the plot of the book, that's for you to find out for yourself, we are here to tell you why you should read it! So here we go.

Danni: So why should they read it?

Andi: Because it's like an old book, it's all sweet and innocent, but it was only written in 2005 so it has the modern touches.

Danni: Right. I also think that they should read it because it's not too long and would make a good read-aloud, it's pretty much for all ages. Though I do warn you that the oldest sister, Rosalind, has a creepy crush on the garden helper, Cagney.

Andi: Cagney is a terrible name.

Danni: I agree.

Andi: If there were one thing you could change about this book, what would it be?

Danni: I think I would take out how annoying Skye is sometimes. What about you?

Andi: I agree, but I think I would also take out more of the awkward moments.

Danni: Like what?

Andi: I wish that the author spread out the information more. I would also take out a bit of Rosalind's creepy crush.

Danni: I think a lot of 12 year old's have creepy crushes.

Andi: Yeah, but it's weird because she keeps talking about her friend (Anna) and what she would say and we never even meet the friend.

Danni: Point taken. Anyway, this book is really good an definitely worth a go. If you could pick an actress to play one of the girls, who would you pick?

Andi: Ooh that's hard.

Danni: I think we should make a post devoted to that.

Andi: I agree, but let's give them a sneak-peek.

Danni: That's what I was going to say!

Andi: Well, let's give it to them for one character.

Danni: Okay, which one?

Andi: How about a minor character. What about Cagney?

Danni: Okay.
We agree that this guy, Max Thieriot, would be a very good Cagney. He's 22 and Cagney's 19. Not a bad difference, of course he'd need a baseball cap. Hehe.

So that's our sneak-peek, get ready for the rest in the not-so-distant-future.

Danni: So, overall stars for the book, what do you think?

Andi: Um... probably four.

Danni: Out of five? I agree.

Andi: It would have been five, but there wasn't a lot of action.

So that's our review! Comment telling us what you think!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

5 Best Tips To a Sister Sleepover

Ever since we stopped sharing bedrooms, my sister (Andi) and I have been having sleepovers every once in a while. Neither of our bedrooms are big, so we usually go in the family room or the basement. Sometimes we stay up super late and sometimes we don't, but either way they're (mostly) fun. This post will guide you to 5 tips to a great sister sleepover.

 Tip 1: Bring something that plays music. This is really important because music is fun and fun is good and good is a sleepover that follows this tip. Bring music. It's fun. Also, it's a great conversation starter and if you know the same songs, you can sing along to them. Karaoke!!! (If you don't know the same songs, introduce each other to different bands and artists).

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Tip 2: Snacks! Snacks are always a good thing to have at a sleepover. We suggest cookies! Or kettle Corn. 

Tip 3: A movie! We've watched stupid movies together (Sunday School Musical) and good movies together (Cofessions of a Shopaholic), either way, they're a lot of fun. Some of our suggestions you can get on youtube, in parts which are kinda annoying but if you're deciding to do this spontaneously they work great.

We love:
Penelope (PG)
Cofessions of a Shopaholic (PG)
Princess Diaries (PG)
Despicable Me (G)
Ramona and Beezus (G)

Tip 4: Don't get tired! This part is really important because one sister might try to be talking and the other one might be a asleep. It's happened before. Also, as an add-on to this tip, don't argue. Just let the other sister be right for once.

Tip 5: Get goofy. This is your sister! If you can't be stupid around her, you can't be stupid around anyone! dress up, share stories, anything to get the other sister laughing.
Great goofy games:
20 questions
I'm going on a trip (we like the alphabet version)
guess that song
paint (or draw)
Draw and fold over (online version is the link, but on paper is more fun)

Well, I think we'll be having a sleepover soon. Hopefully including all five of these tips. Thanks for reading.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Polyvore Sets

Hey all,
Sorry that we haven't posted for a while. We aren't going to post everyday or anything because the sheer awesomeness of the sister-power would overwhelm the readers if we posted too often. We also got busy :). But, I (Danni) had the idea to make Polyvore sets for each other without the other one knowing and we'll show them to each other


Andi by SputtyDancer featuring printed scarves

So, that's mine for Andi. I picked the colors because she's really chic and I did two outfits because the one on the left is what she wears around the house and the one on the right is something that she would wear out. 

Andi's reaction: I'm trying to think of words to put it in..... *pauses and listens to the music* I like it, I think it's really cute, it's definitely something I'd wear. 

And now, Andi did one fore me (Danni),  I love it :) 



Danni by in*color featuring an owl tee

Danni's reaction: I reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy like it!! I love the owl shirt and the hat, I think those are my favorite pieces. If I had those things, I'd totally wear it. Even though I don't I might wear it, I'll steal it off the picture. *Evil laugh* 

Andi: You're a goof. 
 Danni: I'm adorable! (just kidding) :)
Andi: I thought you'd like the shoes because they're like sneakers with a bow and the cupcake ring....  because you like cupcakes. 
Danni: I do, I want a cupcake ring, can I eat it?  

Well, that's our post!  

Sunday, April 17, 2011

We made a quiz

We made a quiz for you guys to see which one of us you're most like. Have fun with it!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Favorite Famous Sisters

Hello dear followers!!!

As you know from our first post, we are planning to do a little thing about favorite famous sisters. There are actually a lot of them. Since we are sisters, we thought that it would be fun to post about some famous ones and say why we like them and stuff.

Danni: Should we do 10?
Andi: Sure.
Danni: I'd like to point out that even though it says that it's written by iGirl, it's really written by both of us together. :)
Andi: *chortles*

So coming in at number 10 is.....

*pause for effect*

The Bakers!!!
Not our picture

The reason why we like the Baker sisters is because they're really cute together, and surprisingly, they all look like they could be related! (Always a good thing in movies). Also, they actually like each other in the movie, for the most part, and aren't constantly fighting. Well, Sarah (2nd from left sitting on couch) and Lorraine (blond on the right) do, but they're adorable together. 

Favorite line: 
Lorraine: Like Sarah! Sometimes, I'd like to kill her, but I'd kill for her all the time.

Favorite sister: (This is where we kind of disagree) 
Danni: I like the twins, they're sitting next to Bonnie Hunt (the mom). 
Andi: I like Sarah. Because she's good at finding loopholes and she's devious. *muhaha*

Random Fact: There actually was a family that Cheaper By the Dozen was based off of, they lived in the early 1900's. I think. 

9. Lily and Miley! (this brings up the UN part in our header, you don't have to be related to be sisters.) 
Once again..not our picture.
 Don't take this the wrong way--we don't like Hannah Montana or anything, but they're a cute pair in the show. They're a little goofy (or really goofy) and they don't fight all that much, which is a nice thing. And, they're like sisters because they know what the other one is thinking and they have cool handshakes and stuff. :)

Favorite Line:
Miley: You're not my best friend...
Lily: What?
Miley: You're not my best friend, you're my sister. 

Danni: Can we pause to say AWWWW here? 
Andi: No. 
Danni: Okay, moving on.

Favorite sister: 
Both: Totally Lily. She's just awesome in every way possible for someone who isn't even real.

Random Fact: Did you know that Miley Cyrus taught Emily Osment how to play guitar and Emily Osment taught Miley Cyrus to knit?

Numero ocho: 8. 
Hallie Parker and Annie James (from the Parent Trap made in 1998)!!! 
Guess what?! It's not our picture!
We like the Parker-James twins because, even though they're really only one person, they're cute together. They definitely have all the signs of twin-ness: Scheming, synchronized speaking and thinking alike! 
Danni: Kind of like us, right? 
Andi: But we're not twins.
Danni: I beg to differ

Favorite Line: 
Annie: If your mom is my mom
Hallie: And your dad is my dad
Annie: And we were both born on October 11
Hallie: Then that makes us, like, sisters!
Annie: Not sisters... twins! 

Favorite sister: 
Danni: I don't know... do I have to pick one? 
Andi: Yes, yes you do. 
Danni: Fine. When I was younger I liked Annie, but now I think I like Hallie. 
Andi: Then which one is it? 
Danni: Fine. Hallie. 
Andi: Good, me too.

Random Fact: We used to call Annie the nice one and Hallie the mean one. Little did we know, we would both end up liking Hallie. Strange. 

7. Teddy And Charlie Duncan (I'm sorry, there are a total of three Disney sisters on this list. Don't judge us! ;)

Hey, this one is our picture.... Just kidding, it's not.
We both think that it's cute that Teddy made Charlie little videos for when she's older and Teddy's not in the house anymore. Besides, who can resist the baby cuteness? It's just so adorable!!!! 

Favorite Line: 
Teddy: Good Luck Charlie

Favorite Sister: We both agree that Charlie (the baby) is our favorite.

Random Fact: Did you know that the line "Good luck Charlie" appears in every episode of the series?

Number 6 is..... 
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! 
Not our could have guessed that by now.

We like the Olsen twins because they were in so many movies together. We think that they're really cute and pretty talented, we also love Full House--totally one of the best shows of the 90's. 

Favorite Line: 
You got it dude!

Favorite Sister: 
Danni: This seems wrong because they're real sisters. Y'know like wrong as in picking favorite people. I have to say, I liked Ashley for a long time though, I think it's just because I like the name better than Mary-Kate. 

Andi: I agree. 

Random Fact: John Stamos (Uncle Jesse) didn't like working with the twins on the set of Full House because they were so little.

Sooooooooooo. Now it's time number 5! It's the halfway point..
5. Alex and Harper 
Otnay Uray Icturepay <-- not our picture in Pig Latin... we think.

So, why do we like Alex and Harper? We like them because even though they're totally different and they constantly fight, they have some really sweet moments too. And they never abandon each other. Besides, who doesn't want a best friend who's a wizard?
Favorite line: 
Alex: Hmmm
Harper: Uh-oh, did you just "hmmm"? 
Alex: Oh Harper, relax someday one of my "hmms" might turn out to be something great. Let's see if that day is today. 

Favorite Sister: 
Danni: Ugh, that's mean and hard, do I have to pick?
Andi: Yes, yes you do. 
Danni: Why? 
Andi: Because it's only fair, you picked a favorite on the other ones. 
Danni: Good point. 
Andi: I know. 
Danni: Whatevs, I think I like Harper. But only my a small barely-existent smidgen of an amount. I love both of them.
Andi: *thinking* I like Harper better than Alex but by a bigger smidgen than Danni. 

Random Fact: Did you know that a lot of the story line in Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly place are the same? Like Harper moved in to Alex's house then Lily moved into Miley's. Also, that sister line appeared first in Hannah Montana, but then Alex said it too.

Number 4. The Little Women!!! Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. Or Megan Margaret, Josephine, Elizabeth and Amy. 
Danni: I totally don't get why they all have nicknames except for Amy, it doesn't make sense. 
Andi: How can you make a nickname of Amy? It's three letters!
Danni: Amezzzzz 
Andi: That's not a nickname, that's the sound you make when you're snoring. 
not our picture
We like the Little Women because they're all super sweet to each other... most of the time. They have creative things that they do with one another and they're just fun. And nice. Funnly nice. 

Favorite Line: 
Amy: Jo! Your one beauty!

Jo: Are you shocked?

Favorite Sister: 
Danni: Andi's going first this time. 
Andi: Why do I have to go first, I can already guess what you're going to say! 
Danni: What am I going to say, then? 
Andi: You're going to say either Amy or Jo. 
Danni: No. I like Meg.
Andi: Really? Since when? 
Danni: Since I don't like feeling so predictable. 
Andi: Oh, so you're a liar! 
Danni: Nice. Real nice. But Andi did predict what I was going to say. 
Andi: Told you so. I like Jo because she's witty. And creative
Danni: Not to mention she's like the rock and roll girl of the 1800's. 

Random fact: Louisa May Alcott thought that The Little Women was a dumb book. That's not really a random thought because pretty much everyone knows it. 

And now we're on to the top three! Number three is.... The Penderwicks! 
We like the Penderwicks because they're really scheme-y, really scheme-y. Yup, that's why we like 'em. 

Favorite Sister:
Andi: I like........Skye.
Danni: Blue sky, blue eyes.
Andi: hardy har har. We should have added---
Danni: That's what I was about to say! 
Andi: I know, right?
Danni: Yes, because we know what the other person is thinking most of the time. You'll have to wait to see what we're talking about. Oh, yeah, I like.... all of them a lot. To be honest, I think Skye was kind of obnoxious.
Andi: Hey! 
Danni: I think I like Jane. Or Skye. Or Rosalind. Or maybe Batty. 
Andi: Now Rosalind was obnoxious. 
Danni: Not obnoxious... just lovestruck.
Andi: She's twelve, she can't be lovestruck! 
Danni: Well they'll have to read the book to find out, won't they? I like Jane. I'll stick with that. 
Andi: I knew it! 
Danni: I knew you were going to say Skye. Who's predictable now? 
Andi: I knew you knew I was going to say Skye. 

Favorite line:
No tengo un line favorito. 

Random fact: Even though the book sounds like it's written a long time ago, it was really only written in 2005.

Now for number dos!!!! This was a hard decision, but these sisters had to take second place to our all time favorite famous sisters. 
Ramona and Beezus! 
We like R&B because they're cute, funny and nice together. We've also seen the movie and we both think that it's adorable. Really adorable. 

Favorite sister: 
Danni: Ramona. But I like Beezus in the movie. 
Andi: I like Beezus. 
Danni: I think I like Ramona because she's like me. 
Andi: I like Beezus just 'cause. 

Favorite Line:
Beezus: Who could love a girl named Beezus?!
Ramona: Jesus? 
Beezus: GET OUT!!!!!


Beezus: You're ruining my love life! 
Ramona: You have a love life? 

Random Fact: Beverly Cleary never stated the year in the Ramona books because she didn't really want people to know. She said that she liked the fact that it could be put to any time. I think, I'm pretty sure that's what I heard.

Now, for the moment you've all been waiting for...... number*pause for effect* THE MOON!!!! 
Andi: Wait what? 
Danni: It's a hint. 
Andi: the number one is the moon....ohhhh
Danni: Number one is Edith, Agnes and Margo from Despicable Me!!! I'm having a bad, bad day, if you take it personal then that's okay
Andi: Stop singing and tell them why we like them! 
Danni: Right. 

Say it with me: NOT OUR PICTURE!!!
So we like these sisters because they are soooo nice to each other and they stick together through thick and thin. Like glue. Crazy glue. They won't come undone!!! 

Favorite Sister: 
Andi: I like all of them. 
Danni: Pick one. 
Andi: FINE. Agnes.... or maybe Edith.
Danni: I like Agnes. She's like my twin. I think that these animation companies are copying me.. there's Boo from Monsters Inc., that little girl from Toy Story 3 and Agnes. Hmm. 
Andi: Maybe you're copying them 

Favorite Line: 
We're doing one for each, but we like this one. 

Agnes: Aww, my caterpillar never turned into a butterfly.
Edith: That's a Cheeto. 
Agnes: Oh *eats the cheeto* 

Margo's line: 
Margo: No, we're going to dance class. 

Edith's line: 
Edith: What about this?! *holds up a ray gun and shoots it* 

IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Random Fact: 
I don't think they have a last name.

So there you are, our top ten favorite famous sisters. We may need to expand this list in the future.
Note: Not all these quotes are exact